Become An Instructor

Job openings for top tier instructors for teaching courses and mentoring.

Griffin Gorge Equals Great Opportunities

At Griffin Gorge, we are always trying to find top tier instructors for our courses and mentoring programs. This is a great opportunity for retired personnel who wish to only work seasonally or just a few days per month.

Qualifications for a Senior Instructor

The military qualifications are current or retired O-4 to O-6 Officers or E-9 Senior Enlisted who have served honorably in the National Guard. You must have five of the following additional qualifications:

You must have a reputation of working on teams, not being a butthead, taking good care of subordinates and being a detailed, thoughtful planner

Qualifications for Junior Instructor:

Seeking junior NCOs/Officers to provide specialized instruction for some of the courses.  Minimum rank is E-6 or O-2. Qualifications need to be specific to the instruction. Some of the specialists needed are: 

To Start The Application Process:

Please send a two page memorandum on your background and the skills you are best suited for to the following address or by clicking the button below.  Please review our course offerings first and please avoid fluffy BS; it’s a small world and we have probably know the same people.

Once vetted, Instructors provide their availability and will receive assignments when we get the business.  Paid training will be provided prior to conducting courses solo.

Pay will be based on an established percent of the course fee.  You will be paid as an independent contractor.

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