Ethics Training for Leaders Course

Establish a foundation of ethical behavior that reflects favorably upon yourself and your company.

Ethics Training Course

A company or organization with a sound ethical culture will stand for generations.  A lapse in ethical behavior, can rip the sign off your front door before lunch.

Our Ethics training course covers the foundation of ethics taught in the military schools.  Then we review a case study that shows how this is applied to business.

Bring in one of our top notch instructors to give this high impact Ethics class to your key leaders.  Covering topics in ethics to include integrity, trust, sexual harassment, diversity, and learned behaviors.  We demonstrate that doing the right thing will cement the foundation for a profitable business. 

The instructor will collaborate with the company human resource specialist prior to the course to ensure the material compliments your company policies.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Ethics With Your Staff
  • Ethics With Your Customers
  • Ethics With Your Leadership
  • Ethical Behavior Is A Learned Trait
  • Ethics Is About Doing What is Seems Right
  • Wells Fargo – A Case Study
  • Fraternization vs Sexual Harassment
  • Venting & Gossip
  • Diversity

Course Overview

Course Description

This course centers on guiding Operational Level leaders to maintain a level of trust that fosters trustfulness in their practices.

Total Course Cost

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