Mission Essential Task (MET) Development

Develop the Mission Essential Tasks that will drive your business towards your Goal.

Mission Essential Task (MET) Development Service

Once your company has established their Goal, the next step is defining the collective set of tasks that will drive you towards that Goal. Mission Essential Tasks are a set of collective tasks that you must perform in order to achieve your Goal.  You team must strive to be proficient in every task if you are going to achieve long term success.

The METs will enable the entire company to operate with a unity of effort. All of the Operational Level leaders are driving their efforts in the same direction. The Strategic level can influence this direction by giving guidance through the defined framework.

METs are used to standardize the employment of resources throughout the company while allowing flexibility for leaders on the Operational Level.  Each MET is comprised of a broad collection of sub-tasks. The military term for these sub-tasks is a Mission Essential Task List (METL). Detailed METLs are specific to each company, since it will incorporate their unique practices.

We have instructors that specialize in developing METs and the METLs for your company. Normally, we will have three instructors work together through this process. Since the MET development will have far reaching impacts on how you company will employ resources, this process must be thorough and well vetted.

For most companies, the following core METs will apply to Operational Level leaders:

  1. Leader Planning
  2. Staff Development
  3. Customer Service
  4. Community & Customer Base
  5. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  6. Competition
  7. Ethics
  8. Focus on Yourself

Service Overview

Service Description

A group of our instructors will work with your company to develop a set of Mission Essential Tasks (MET).  

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