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Learn military deliberate planning and decision-making processes.

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1. Introduction & Leader Planning

Planning is the art and science of understanding a situation, envisioning a desired future, and laying out effective ways of bringing that future about.  Operational Level leaders are the team Captains for your business.  They must take the Strategic guidance and put that into action out on the shop floor.

2. Communication

A decent plan well communicated is far better than the best plan poorly communicated.  Build a communications platform to manage the information flow for your team.

3. Problem Solving & Decision Making

Get your leaders well versed in problem solving & decision making.  You will find they are bringing your business to a whole new level. 

4. Staff Development

People are your most important, and most valuable, resource.   The military has developed sound principles and methods to develop a staff that comes from varied backgrounds of culture, economic status, and educational levels.

5. Customer Service

The definition of customer service:  The customer gives up money in exchange for your product/service and they are happy to do so. Leaders must invest in and direct resources to create an environment that fosters good customer service.

6. Community

Leaders must study and become knowledgeable about their communities.  This includes the physical space around them and the digital.  Learn how the military uses different layers to analyze the space around them and how to use that information.

7. Loss Prevention

To protect company resources (manpower, material and funds) from being expended on unnecessary events. Any funds or resources spend must provide a value in return, or it is a loss that needs to be prevented.

8. Competition

There are businesses out there trying to put you under.  You need to learn who they are, where they are and how they operate.  Know them – then kill them.

9. Ethics

Poor ethical behavior will rip the sign off the front door faster and harder than any other issue.  Leaders must have the trust of their leadership, their peers, their staff and importantly, their customers.

10. Focus On Yourself

The military understands the individual Soldier is a machine that needs maintenance.  Leaders must maintain a healthy body & soul in order to be in a position to lead others.  You are important.  Your care is essential to the mission.

To Sell Merchandise At A Profit

A training program designed by Griffin Gorge Associates for retail District Managers and Store Managers. Our group of instructors have a background in retail and military planning. We bring the refined training we have in planning complex military operations and apply those to running a profitable retail store. We go through twelve Mission Essential Tasks that will be a foundation for a growing business.

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