Pricing Policy

Our policies on pricing, invoices and more.

Pricing Policies

The course fee is established per our course list.

Instructor Travel Expenses:

Instructor will normally conduct travel the day before and the day after the class.  On ½ day classes, instructor will return travel the same day.

Most courses will have two to three instructors.  

Instructor travel costs include:

  • Air fare at the business class rate.
  • If close enough for vehicle transportation, mileage rate based on standard IRS allowances.
  • Overnight accommodations at a Marriott or Hilton brand hotel closest to the class.
  • Meals reimbursed at the published US Government Per Diem rates for that area (100% each day).
  • Rental car (plus fuel) at the location if required, or other local public transit.
  • International travel will incur some additional expenses depending on the country.

Classroom Requirements:

  • Seating and table space for the students and instructor.
  • A white board to write on.
  • Projector for instructor to display material and presentations.
  • In some classes, the students will need access to a computer with internet and printer.

Included With Course Fee:

  • Coffee, tea, beverages & snacks
  • Lunch
  • Printed Workbook
  • Dad jokes

Price Proposals:

Griffin Gorge will provide a written proposal which will have the total cost of the travel and course fees.  For programs with multiple courses, the proposal for the entire program will be submitted at the start.   This proposal will include the course fees, approximate dates for each course and the estimated expenses.

Pricing for Additional Services:

Griffin Gorge offers additional services such as Process Improvement, Developing Plans (for larger events), and Problem Solving & Decision Making for senior leaders.   We will work with the client to develop a program that fits your requirements and budget.


Within five days upon completion of the course, Griffin Gorge will submit the invoice, via Freshbooks, with the associated instructor expense receipts.  Payment is due in 30 days.  For programs with multiple courses, the invoice for each course will be submitted within five days upon completion of that course.


Griffin Gorge stands behind our course material and instructors.  Should the customer not feel satisfied, they may return the invoice without payment.

*Does not apply to international clients.

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