Retail District and Store Manager Development Program

Based on our book, “To Sell Merchandise At A Profit.”

Retail District and Store Manager Development Program

Bring your District and Store managers to focus on selling merchandise at a profit.  This program is guaranteed to increase the efficiencies and sales in any retail store.  Through planning, managing people, problem solving and communications, your front line leaders will learn how to keep their eye on the prize.  If your District & Store managers are well trained – your company will plow through the competition.

1. Introduction

This introduction provides the foundation for our program. Here we define roles, establish definitions and set the stage before getting into the 12 Mission Essential Tasks of a successful retail operation. We give an overview of each MET to show how they are inter-related and how they will lead to greater sales and profit.

2. Leader Planning

To plan your actions and deployment of resources (staff & funds) in an effort to meet your Strategic Level guidance and build your business towards increased revenue and profit. This MET coaches students to develop a set of Objectives that support their Goal. It synchronizes efforts with the Strategic Office, your boss, peers and subordinates. The Action Plans lay a foundation for your staff to meet the Objectives. Students will develop a Battle Rhythm and set up a Continuity Binder. Before the Staff Development Course, the instructor will review and grade the Action Plans.

Through the next several months, the instructor will work with the students to monitor their progress on the Action Plans.  Although this is designed as a ten month program, the instructor will coach the students on their Action Plans for a period of twelve months (the target length for most Action Plans).

3. Communications

Once you have identified your problem and get an approved course of action to fix it, you will need to write an Operations Order to get it done. Also, you may write an Operations Order to coordinate actions in a larger event such as conducting a store inventory.

Write a plan using a standard format that details how your organization will commit resources to conduct an event or operation. To provide a plan that is coordinated among the stakeholders and approved by the leadership. The plan provides knowledge to all stakeholders and enables them to work off of the same page. Also, it provides clear expectations to those that need to perform the collective tasks. We conduct a practical exercise in writing an Operations Order for your Inventory Day or for the problem solved in the previous lesson.

The Objective for this course is to show the students an effective way to communicate a plan that involves multiple stakeholders conducting inter-related tasks to reach an Objective.

On day two, we cover a series of other tools military leaders use to communicate.  To include how to run meetings, how to maintain situational awareness and how to listen.

4. Problem Solving & Decision Making

To solve problems such that your decisions provide the best outcome for your company in terms of revenue and profit. This MET centers on teaching Operational Level leaders the foundations of becoming a master at established problem solving techniques. On the first day, we go through the problem solving steps and decision making steps. On the second day, we take a problem and walk you through the steps to make the best decision for a solution.

The real military training for this is often a five day painful event. We reduce the pain and coach the students to roll though the process efficiently. The Objective for this MET is to provide the students with the ability to make sound decisions for almost any event.

5. Staff Development

To properly manage the functions of the staff. Direct your staff to achieve the guidance from the Strategic Office, your boss and you. Your staff is the most important, and expensive, company resource. This MET centers on properly managing this resource which can potentially provide exponential growth for the company. On the second day, the instructor works with the students and your company human resource specialist to write staff development plans for their business.

Prior to the course, the instructor will collaborate with the company human resource specialist to ensure the lesson plan matches the company policy. This will also allow the instructor to place emphasis on HR issues your company wishes to improve.

After the course, the instructor will mentor the students on the performance plans they write for their staff.

6. Customer Service & Community

To provide the customers with a level of service that fosters a long term relationship that benefits both parties.  In the retail business, selling merchandise to a customer is the sole source of income.  This MET centers on enhancement of the customer relationship through multiple lines of effort to include your staff, the product itself and shaping the customers perception of your company.

The community is the source of your customers and your staff.  This MET centers on the need for Operational Level leaders to understand their community in order to better serve them and to draw talent to staff their growing business.  One of our skilled analysts will work with the students to develop a customer base binder.

7. Merchandise, Inventory Management & Selling Floor

This course covers the merchandise you carry, how to manage that merchandise, and finally how to present that merchandise.  Your team are the experts on how your company does this.  Our instructors take the military planning methods to give them focus.

The Merchandise MET centers around providing the customers with the merchandise tailored to your company theme and the needs of the customers.   This includes having the correct product mix for your stores and a trained staff to sell those products.  On the Operational Level, the District and Store managers will have the greatest influence by communicating with the Strategic Office and then providing training to their staff.

Inventory management centers on maintaining proper accountability of the inventory, provides a mechanism to have situational awareness of your assets and to reduce loss.  This includes accountability of the merchandise and managing the flow of merchandise.

Your selling floor is a stage in an elaborate production.  This MET centers on the physical setup of the selling floor which has an impact on how the customer will perceive your level of service.  

Prior to this course, the instructor will spend a day in one of your stores to gain first-hand knowledge of your processes.  After the course, the instructor will work with the students to mentor them on establishing a Battle Rhythm to manage the flow of their inventory.

8. Competition & Loss Prevention

To gain an understanding of the establishments that are in competition for your customers. This MET centers on gaining an edge on your competition by knowing who they are, where they are and their capabilities. You must understand them in a way to exploit their weaknesses and to defend against their strengths. One of our skilled analysts will work with the students to develop a competitor binder.

Loss Prevention is preventing any money or resource from leaving your store unless it provides a value in return. To protect company resources (manpower and funds) from being expended on unnecessary events. This MET centers on places where leaders must identify where there are losses, or potential losses, and put measures in place to prevent them. The instructor conducts a practical exercise with the students to develop an Objective and Action Plan to prevent a loss of profits in their store.

9. Ethics Training & Focus On Yourself

To establish a foundation of ethical behavior that reflects favorably upon yourself and your company. This MET centers on guiding Operational Level leaders to maintain a level of trust that fosters trustfulness in their practices. Successful leaders must hold a high accountability for ethical behavior in order for their business to achieve long term growth.

You are a significant asset to your company. They have invested resources into training you. This MET centers on your responsibility to take good care of a key company asset. Properly taking care of yourself will put you in a position to increase revenues and profit. The instructor will work with the students to develop their personal set of Objectives and Action Plans.

Program Overview

Program Description

Based on our book, “To Sell Merchandise At A Profit.”

This program is designed to bring a cohort of 10 District and Store Managers through a ten month training event. Meeting once every 5-6 weeks at their location, the program consists of a series of two day courses. Between the courses, students conduct practical assignments with guidance and mentorship.

A primary instructor is assigned. Some of the courses, or sections of a course, will be taught by other instructors to give the students a broader perspective.

The Objective is to have District and Store Managers trained to a proficient level in the 12 Mission Essential Tasks (MET) in order to execute retail operations that produce an increase in same store sales and increased profit.

Prior to starting the course, the instructor will spend two days in the stores to gain first hand knowledge of your operations.  This will enable us to adjust some of the course material to match your specific needs.

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