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Training and mentorship programs for Operational Level managers.

Create Strong Operational Level Level Leaders

Griffin Gorge offers training and mentorship programs for Operational Level managers. A strong Operational Level leader is one who can effectively guide their staff to accomplish the goals and the mission of the company.

These are the individuals that will analyze the guidance from the C-Suite and put it into action.  They need to be trained on how to sift through that guidance, create a plan to implement it, develop a staff to do it, and communicate.

Levels of Influence

Strategic Level Guidance

The Strategic Level is the home office. The C-Suite. Responsible for setting the guidance and general direction for multi-year periods. They are guiding the company.  They establish the core values, setting the tone for the company culture.  This team includes the CEO, corporate board, senior vice presidents, and support staff.

Operational Level  Leadership

The Operational Level bridges the gap between the Strategic and Tactical Levels.  They take the guidance and lead the business into action.  They are making plans to deploy resources.  Provides the business with the leadership to complete the mission

You will look at your Strategic Level goals, develop your goals, anticipate your constraints, and see where you want to be in one year from now.  You will then develop objectives and plans to get there.  Synchronize the various trades you have.

This team includes regional managers, district managers, and senior front line managers.

Tactical Level  Action

Takes Action.  Makes it happen.  This team conducts the business.  The front of the company that produces the product or interacts with the customers.

NOTE:  There is also a Theater Level that covers large geographical areas for multi-national corporations and a Geo-Political Level that involves interactions to influence the political landscape and laws; these are not covered in our program.

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