Top-Tier Retired Military Planners Ready to Coach Your Leaders.

Griffin Gorge Associates is a team of retired National Guard leaders that apply the military leadership methodologies, deliberate planning, and decision making process to civilian businesses.

We have the dual experience of military training and working in the civilian business world.  The cornerstone of our program is making that translation. 

Our training programs are centered on mid-level leaders. 

These are the leaders that take vision from the C-Suite and turn it into action !

Well Trained Leaders Will Increase Your Sales & Profit

Train your Operational Level leaders to be rock stars.

Your Operational Level leaders have risen up from the ranks to accept positions of greater responsibilities.  You owe it to them to provide training and guidance they need to be successful. When your Operational Level leaders receive top notch training combined with their front line experience – your business is off to the stars. The result is a company leadership team focused on increasing your sales and profit.

Our Experience

  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Shops
  • Retail Businesses
  • Government Agencies (federal / state / local)
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retail Financial Businesses
  • Software Ventures and Start-Ups
  • Logistic Delivery Operations
  • Logistical Life Support Operations
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Public School Administration
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Dealership
  • Aviation Operations (fixed wing and rotary wing)
  • Heavy Horizontal Construction
  • International Import / Export 

Contracted to work with the US Army Futures Command in their planning development. 

Part of a team teaching the Military Decision Making Process to US & NATO military forces in Europe.

Leadership Development Programs

Retail District & Store Manager Development Program

Bring your District and Store managers to focus on selling merchandise at a profit.  This program is guaranteed to increase the efficiencies and sales in any retail store.  Through planning, managing people, problem solving and communications, your front line leaders will learn how to keep their eye on the prize.  If your District & Store managers are well trained – your company will plow through the competition.

Guest Speaker for Your Professional Development Workshop

A 90 minute overview that familiarizes your leaders with how the military planning process will improve their effectiveness to increase sales & profit. 

This is a great presentation to add into your professional development workshop.

Leader Development Program

Your Operational Level leaders need to take guidance from the Generals and transform that into action – sales & profit.  Using battle tested methods, we bring your leaders through a series of training events to focus their efforts in achieving objectives that bring the entire company towards a defined goal.  It is through leadership planning, problem solving, communications and people that your leaders will drive success.

Individual Courses

Leader Planning Course

Your leaders have seen the motivational videos are are hungry to lead.  Now bring us in to teach them the mechanics of leadership.  We cover the Mission Essential Task List – a set of skills a leader must be proficient in.  Students learn how you take guidance from their senior leaders and formulate concrete Objectives to meet a greater goal.  Through lessons and practical exercises, your team will learn the tools military leaders use to plan and execute.

Leader Planning

Problem Solving & Decision Making Course

Get your leaders skilled at solving the root cause of any problem.  Students learn how to articulate the symptom, identify the real problem and write out your “Desired End State.” This course centers on teaching leaders the foundations of becoming a master at established problem solving techniques. On the first day, we go through the problem solving steps and decision making steps. On the second day, we take a problem and walk you through the steps to make the best decision for a solution.

Problem Solving

Building A Communications Platform

The difference between success and failure is often  communications.  A decent plan well communicated is far better than the best plan poorly communicated.  The military has developed some of the best methods to manage the flow of information in a chaotic environment.  Leverage that knowledge to your organization in improving the decision making process and productivity. on operating picture.  This course covers the foundations of good communications and then lays out a way for you to build a platform for an effective flow of information.


Ethics Training For Leaders Course

To establish a foundation of ethical behavior that reflects favorably upon yourself and your company. This course centers on guiding Operational Level leaders to maintain a level of trust that fosters trustfulness in their practices. Successful leaders must hold a high accountability for ethical behavior in order for their business to achieve long term growth. The instructor will collaborate with the company human resource specialist prior to the course to ensure the material compliments your company policies.


Staff Development Course

People are your most important, and most valuable, resource. The
military has developed sound principles and methods to develop a
staff that comes from varied backgrounds of culture, economic
status, and educational levels. Learn proven ways to bring them
towards working on a common mission. This course covers the student’s role as a member of their boss’s staff, a leader for their own staff, and how they play an important role amongst their peers.

Staff Development Course

We Stand Behind Our Course Material & Instructors

Griffin Gorge stands behind our course material and instructors. Should the customer not feel satisfied, they may return the invoice without payment.  

*Does not apply to international clients

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